An interesting piece of history was brought to be framed recently.  My customer’s great-grandmother, Annie “Gordon” Fultz, drew a map of Europe for a high school project back in April 1892!  It had amazing detail and won school prizes at the time.  My customer had three photo reproductions made from the original map... one to keep for himself, one to give to his mother, and another to donate to the Fultz House Museum in Lower Sackville, N.S.

Atlantic Photo Supply did a fantastic job making the reproductions, including some photo restoration work. Each photo was also dry-mounted as they were a fairly large size (~19”x24”).  The original map also had a small name card signed and dated by Annie (“Gordon”).  My customer provided me with a digital copy of the name card and I resized it and printed it on cardstock to be displayed in its own opening underneath the map.

The frame was designed to complement the old-world, antique appearance of the hand-drawn map... a dark black/brown classic profile from Larson-Juhl’s Whitman collection was used for the frame and a mid-tone brown mat was chosen from Peterboro Matboard’s conservation line. The bevels of the mat openings were hand-painted a dark espresso colour which covered the stark white of the bevels and tied in with the colour of the country names and the latitude/longitude lines of the map.  Tru Vue’s conservation clear glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection.

My customer loved how they turned out and commented that they were even better than he could have ever imagined!