The customer had an autographed Brad Marchand hockey jersey framed in a shadow box.  The black and yellow colours of the Boston Bruins were used in the frame design and an engraved nameplate was displayed below the jersey. Tru Vue's Conservation Clear glass, with its 99% UV protection, was chosen to help slow down fading.

This jersey posed many challenges in the mounting process as it was very uneven and crooked.  One sleeve was almost one inch longer than the other, which required extra work when mounting in order to make the sleeves appear to be the same length and the stripes line up from one side to the next.  The excess material in the collar was reduced by making two pleats in either side of the collar.  This helped the collar lay flat.  The player name and number were not stitched onto the jersey straight, and the stripes were stiched unevenly as well.  We did our best to try to minimiize the unevenness where possible.