As a gift for her father, my customer wanted a shadow box to display the Canadian Flag, which flew on the Peace Tower, Parliament Hill, Ottawa on the day that her father turned 80. Along with the flag, a photo of her father and the letter that accompanied the flag were also displayed.

The flag was 7.5 feet x 15 feet, which presented a challenge as to the best and proper way to display it. Heritage Canada was contacted to check if there was an official way to fold a Canadian flag... so long as it is folded with quiet dignity, the flag may be folded in a rectangular or triangular shape. The triangular shape was chosen for this shadow box and the flag was folded in such a way so that it would show both red and white. A 4-ply archival mat form was inserted into the folded flag to give it support and provide a solid surface for aiding the mounting process. A combination of hand sewing and nylon tags were used to mount the folded flag. Rather than 'floating' the flag in the middle of the mat opening, it rested along the bottom edge to provide further support for the weight of the flag.

Two mouldings were stacked to provide the necessary depth for the shadow box frame; black suede mat was used as a top mat and a narrow red bottom mat was used as an accent. Tru Vue's conservation clear glass was chosen to provide 99% UV protection and help slow down fading.