This was an interesting project to work on. My customers wanted to present a frame of school photos to their daughter who was graduating high school. They initially thought of framing the official annual school photos, but mentioned that they had taken a '1st day of school' photo each year. To make a more whimsical and less formal design, it was decided to use the '1st day of school' photos.

The daughter was a big scrapbooking fan, so the layout was designed to mimic a page from a scrapbook. Photos from the early school years were taken before the day of digital cameras, so these prints were scanned into the computer and tweeked via Photoshop to improve the quality and adjust their size. The photos from more recent years were already in digiital format, so they only had to be cropped and re-sized. The photos were float mounted at various depths to give a 3D effect. They were displayed in a pathway design from kindergarten to Grade 12. School related stickers and images were interspersed among the photos and the daughter's name was printed on the front of the notebook at the bottom left corner of the design. The daughter's favourite colour was pink, so the bevel of the top mat was hand-painted in a bright pink colour and also used as the font colour for a couple other design images.

My customers and their daughter were thrilled with the shadow box!

A side view shot of the shadow box to show the photos mounted at various depths.