This recipient must have been extra good in 2016 as he received not one, but two, sport themed shadow boxes for Christmas!  A golf cap and autographed golf ball were framed in one shadow box and an autographed Sidney Crosby hockey jersey was framed in the other.

One of the things I love most about being a framer is hearing the interesting stories behind the items being framed and knowing that you are framing memories. For example, the golf cap and ball...  Back in 2000 when the recipient was a young boy, he attended a Wayne Gretzky celebrity golf tournament.  He was hit in the foot by one of Mario Lemieux’s golf balls and was given a golf ball autographed by the famous hockey player.  He also had a commemorative cap from the tournament, which he wore for many years.

The golf ball was mounted in an archival manner, without any adhesives touching the ball.  A piece of white tulle fabric was wrapped tightly around the ball, fed through a hole in the mount board and attached at the back.  The autograph was still clearly visible through the tulle fabric.   This was the first time that I framed a golf ball, so I practised this mounting method a few times on an old golf ball before mounting the autographed ball.

Both shadow boxes were designed similarly... a classic black shadow box moulding from Larson-Juhl’s Confetti line was chosen for the frame. A double mat combination was used... a neutral black top mat (from Peterboro Matboard’s conservation line) and a narrow reveal of different colours (from Nielsen-Bainbridge’s Artcare line) which complimented the jersey in one shadow box and the golf cap in the other.  Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and outstanding clarity.

The shadow boxes were a huge hit and are already hung up on the wall.  My customer said her present was seeing how happy and excited her son was with these shadow boxes.