As Christmas gift for his wife, who is a music teacher and a big fan of Guns N’ Roses, my customer had me design a shadow box to showcase memorabilia from the band.  He had an autographed copy of the sheet music for the band’s song “November Rain” as well as the 45 rpm single for that song.  He also had a VIP back stage concert pass.

The sheet music and VIP pass were encapsulated in archival clear polyester film (Melinex #516) and float mounted.  The 45 rpm record was mounted using a record insert which was attached using strips of clear polyester film.

A faux black leather moulding was chosen for its ‘rock band’ vibe and since red is one of his wife’s favourite colours (and there was red in the VIP pass and 45 rpm insert), I lined the shadow box spacers with strips of red suede mat.  Tru Vue’s conservation clear glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection.