The owner of a local marketing firm brought in marketing materials from various projects that he had worked on over the years and wanted to frame them to display in the office.  He wanted to use metal moulding for the frame, specifically a brushed silver colour that one would associate with laptops. To customize the design specific to the materials being framed, a second metal moulding was stacked with the brushed silver moulding and a matching accent mat colour was chosen.

In this example, the marketing materials for a university were framed.  The university ring was prominent in the marketing materials, so the gold and black colours of the ring were chosen for the design. A postcard, brochure, and pamphlet were float mounted at various heights within the shadowbox.  To make the individual items stand out better, a black mat was placed behind each item.

Tru Vue conservation clear glass, with its 99% UV protection, was chosen to help protect the items in this shadow box.

Here is a side view photo of the shadow box, showing the stacked mouldings and float mounting of the marketing materials: