My customer's sister-in-law, Vivian, recently passed away and my customer, along with some other family members, wanted to have a shadow box made for her brother to display some of Vivian's cherished belongings.

Vivian was a 'free-spirit', artist, fortune-teller, and tea-leaf reader, so the shadow box was designed in a way to honour Vivian's personality. Whenever my customer's brother went away on business trips, Vivian would put the silk rose inside his suitcase. One of Vivian's small paintings was included, as well as her necklace, lipstick tube, cigarette, and a wand. The minature tea cup and saucer, complete with some tea leaves which I glued in place, depict Vivian's love of tea-leaf reading. It was fascinating to find out some of the images that my customer, who is also an amateur tea-leaf reader, read in the tea leaves in the cup... an angel, a four-leaf clover, and other positive symbols. Vivian loved feathers as well, so a couple feathers (which mean good luck) were attached to the painting's frame.

It was such an honour to work on this shadow box and although I never met Vivian in person, I felt that I had a good idea of what a wonderful lady she was by hearing the stories behind the items being displayed in the shadow box.