My customer, a young man, had spent many years collecting military memorabilia belonging to five members of his family.  He wanted to display all the memorabilia in one frame. 

Each section of the shadow box corresponds to a different family member, except for the top right which contains memorabilia for two relatives who shared a common military background.  The mounting backgrounds were chosen to reflect the division/regiment to which the relative belonged: Airforce tartan (top left) for his father who served in the Canadian Airforce; blue, yellow, and black colours of the Royal Canadian Regiment (top right) for both his grandfather and great uncle; green and red colours for the Victoria Rifles of Canada (bottom left) for his great great uncle and finally, the Murray of Atholl tartan (bottom right) for his namesake, his great uncle who served in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders.

All items were attached in an archival manner, using such methods as bent rods and clear polyester film (Melinex #516), to name a couple.  The large Death Medal, located in the bottom left section, is held in place with 4 bent rods, covered in black electrical shrink tubing that had been painted to match the colour of the medal.  The shrink tubing on the bent rod protects the rods from scratching the medal. 

The VRI belt buckle, located in the top right section, is held in place with two straps of Melinex on either side of the buckle.  The Melinex is virtually invisible against the metal.

The customer looked into having engraved brass nameplates for each family member, but the cost was quite expensive due to the amount of information he wanted to display.  Instead, the nameplates were made by printing the information on a heavy-weight card stock, which was then attached to beveled pieces of gold matboard, to mimic the brass nameplate look.