As a surprise gift for her father's 65th birthday, my customer had her grandfather's military memorabilia framed in a shadow box.

The medals were already swing mounted and my customer thought her father would prefer to keep the original ribbons rather than getting the medals court mounted with new ribbons. The medals were cleaned and "spider mounts" and straps of clear polyester film were used to keep them in place.

Her grandfather's photo was scanned prior to putting it in the shadow box so the family would have a digital copy to use for future reprints.  Some minor photo restoration was done on the scanned photo.

Other items included in the shadow box were... an engraved nameplate with the grandfather's name and rank, various pins, his Tradesmen' Qualification certificate, the Netherlands' "Thank-You Canada" commemorative medal (50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland), etc.

My customer's father loved his birthday present!