This elderly customer wanted to display military memorabilia belonging to his father while he was in the Cape Breton Highlanders, Royal Canadian Medical Army Corps and the 8th United States Army Medical Corps.  His father was highly decorated and retired as a Lt. Col.

I enjoyed the many stories that he told me about his father's military career and I could tell how proud my customer was of his father.  I have to thank my sister, Ellen, for helping me complete this shadow box in time for Christmas 2014 as I was dealing with some health issues at the time.  We finished it a week prior to Christmas and delivered it to my customer, who was experiencing his own health issues.  He was so delighted with the shadow box, and it deeply saddened me when I learned that he passed away in early January.

A list of names of the individual medals was printed on parchment paper and displayed underneath the medals.  The Highlander Glengarry cap was hand-stitched in place above the photo.  All badges were hand-stitched in place as well.  Although you can't tell from the photo, the openings had different depths to them, with the main opening having the most depth (approximately 1 1/2") in order to accommodate the thickness of the Glengarry cap.

A khaki coloured suede mat was chosen to represent the army.  Tru Vue conservation clear glass, with its 99% UV protection, was chosen to help protect the items displayed in the shadow box.