This customer wanted to display military memorabilia belonging to his grandfather, father, as well as his own military memorabilia.  It was decided to have two shadow boxes made: one to display his grandfather's and father's memorabilia, and a separate one for his own memorabilia which was designed so that he would be able to access his miniature and full-size medal racks to wear on special occasions (see Example #18: RCN and removable medals)

The customer's grandfather was a Private in the Durham Light Infantry during WWI. His father was a member of the British Merchant Navy from 1930-1948.   A photo of his grandfather and his father were displayed above their corresponding memorabilia, and a page from his father's Identity Card was displayed between the two photos.  The remaining pages of the ID card were placed in a clear polyester film envelope on the back of the frame.  Various pins were displayed along with the medal racks.

There was some photo restoration done to the two photos in order to have them displayed in the same size mat opening and to make them the same black & white colour tone.  Additional restoration was needed for the grandfather's photo to clean up damaged areas...

Tru Vue conservation clear glass, with its 99% UV protection, was chosen to help protect the items in the shadow box.