In addition to displaying his grandfather's and father's military memorabilia in a separate shadow box (see Example #17: Multi Generation), my customer wanted to display memorabilia from his own military career. He served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1962-1995 and retired as a Chief Petty Officer, 2nd Class.  This shadow box was designed so that he could take his medal rack(s) out and wear them on special occasions.  There is an 'access panel' at the back of the frame which can be easily removed and then he just has to take off the pin backers and pull the medal rack off from the front of the suede mount board.

View of the back of the frame:

View of the separate suede mount board that can be removed from the frame...

Some photo restoration was done on the two photos to make them the same black & white colour tone and to clean up some minor damage.

Tru Vue conservation clear glass, with its 99% UV protection, was chosen to help protect the items in the shadow box.