This shadow box was created for a customer in Calgary, Alberta.  He had military memorabilia belonging to his father (WWII) as well as his great uncle (WWI) and wanted a shadow box made to display these items.

The shadow box was separated into three sections... The left-hand opening contained the great uncle's military memorabilia, including a photo, Silver War badge, ribbon bar and medal rack.  The middle section contained a photo of his father, great uncle and his great uncle's son, as well as the 'Year of the Veteran' pin and a postcard that his father had sent back home while serving overseas in France.  The back of the postcard was scanned and printed on high quality cardstock in order to show what his father had written to his family. The right-hand opening contained his father's military memorabilia, including a photo, service pin, cap badge, shoulder patch, ribbon bar and medal rack.  A list of the names of each medal was displayed underneath both medal racks.

His great uncle was a member of "The Old Contemptibles" and was highly decorated during his career, being awarded both the DCM (Distinguished Conduct Medal, second only to the Victoria Cross) and MM (Military medal) medals.  The customer wanted to include a description of 'The Old Contemptibles', the entries in the London Gazette which described the awarding of these two medals and an illustration depicting the action taken when he was awarded the DCM.  In order to balance the look of the left-hand and right-hand opening designs, and to save on space, the text and illustration were combined with the great uncle's photo.

All the original photos were converted to black and white and had some photo restoration.  The names of the three men were added to the bottom of the group photo in order to identify them.

Museum glass was chosen as the glazing for its outstanding clarity and 99% UV protection.

This shadow box was donated by the customer to the Calgary Highlanders Museum in the fall of 2011.