The customer is a descendant of William Hall, the first Black person and Nova Scotian to be awarded the Victoria Cross. The customer wanted to give a special Christmas gift to members of his family, so he contacted Hancocks of London, the company who makes the Victoria Cross, and had them make museum quality replicas of the Victoria Cross medal. Seven shadow boxes were made for this project, all with the same memorabilia. Lee's Medal Mounting in Dartmouth, N.S. did the court mounting for all the replica Victoria Crosses.

Included with the replica medal, was a photo of William Hall, an engraved brass nameplate, as well as a copy of the page in the London Gazette, published on February 1, 1859 that describes the event for which William Hall was awarded the Victoria Cross. This page was printed on parchment paper to give an antique effect. Also, the text on the newspaper page that didn't pertain to William Hall was faded (using Photoshop) so that only the information regarding William Hall would stand out on the page.

It was an extreme honour to work on this military memorabilia framing project. As a special addition for the frames, Haverstock Creative Designs contacted Canada Post and purchased a pane of 4 commemorative William Hall stamps, as well as an official first day cover cancellation envelope, for each of the seven shadow boxes. These items were stored in a clear polyester film envelope at the back of the shadow box, along with a biography of William Hall.