This military memorabilia shadow box contains items belonging to the customer's grandfather, who was killed in action during WWI.

A restored photograph, along with his grandfather's medals, were displayed in the far left opening.  The Death Penny and a copy of its certificate, which were sent to the widow (the customer's grandmother), are displayed in the middle opening.  His grandmother's Memorial Cross (also known as a Silver Cross) is displayed to the left of the Death Penny.  A replacement Memorial Cross was later sent to the customer's aunt (displayed to the right of the Death Penny).  The customer also had the Memorial Cross and accompanied note card which were sent to his great grandmother.  These were displayed in the right hand opening. This Memorial Cross hangs from a purple ribbon and is worn around the mother of the deceased's neck.  An engraved brass nameplate was displayed along the bottom border of the mat.

The Death Penny was mounted with archival clear polyester film by tracing the shape of the medal and adding 'legs' (strips extending out from the circle) which were fed through slits in the matboard and attached at the back.

The original certificate, which was sent with the Death Penny, had some damage along the bottom. In order to keep the overall size of the shadow box from becoming too large, it was decided to display a high quality, smaller copy of the original certificate which also had the damaged area restored.


                            Original                                          New, smaller version

The customer only had one photo of his grandfather, which was quite small in size (1.4"x1.9") and damaged.  The photo was restored, changed to sepia and enlarged (4"x5.4")


                       Original                                                    Restored