The customer had her father-in-law's military memorabilia framed to give as a birthday gift to her husband. Items included in this shadowbox... medal rack and ribbon bar, badges, service certificates, bible, drivers handbook, photos, etc.

The small canvas pouch with the tie closure is called a "housewife"; this was the small sewing kit issued with needles, buttons, thimble, thread, etc.

The bronze plaque displayed in the right hand opening was a commemorative plaque produced towards the close of the War for various Allied units by local foundries, often depicting engagements of the particular unit. The customer's mother-in-law loaned this plaque to the The Army Museum - Halifax Citadel in 1987 to be displayed as part of an exhibit on the Royal Canadian Engineers.

The customer had a lot of information about her father-in-law that she wanted to display. It was decided to print the information on a light grey parchment paper rather than engraving it on a brass metal nameplate in order to have it blend in better with the two black and white photos.

Some photo restoration was done on both photos.