I had the honour of framing this customer’s military medal rack. The frame is another example of a military shadow box where the customer can remove his medal rack from the frame in order to wear his medals.

This particular shadow box was designed to accommodate a future medal that the customer will be receiving. The mat opening for the medal rack was made wide enough for the extra medal. Also, the list of medal names, which was printed on parchment paper, can be switched out for a new list of names. This mat opening was designed with enough width so that the font size of the medal names wouldn't have to be reduced too much in order to fit the extra name.

The shadow box frame was made by stacking a Michelangelo Moulding for the face frame, along with a Roma Moulding for the extension box. Peterboro Matboards’ Designer Suede bronze mat was used and Tru Vue’s conservation clear glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection. 

A trap door, at the back of the frame, provides easy access to the medal rack (note: a t-pin was used to secure the bottom portion of the medal rack in order to prevent it from falling forward and scratching the inside of the glass when removing the medals).