My customer borrowed a photo of his grandfather in uniform from his cousin so he could have a copy made (digitally scanned and restored).  When he took the old photo frame apart, he found a small “Wings of Mercury” military patch that had been hidden inside the frame along the bottom of the photo.  You could actually see a faint outline of the patch at the bottom of the photo.

Besides scanning and restoring the photo, my customer decided he wanted to surprise his cousin and reframe the original photo, along with the “Wings of Mercury” patch, before giving it back to her.

A dark brown, mottled finish moulding from Roma’s Savior collection suited the age of the photo and military patch.  The black suede mat was chosen from Peterboro Matboards’ Designer Suede collection.  The bright white of a regular cut bevel would have looked out of place in this design.  A reverse bevel could have been used, but I suggested hand-painting the bevels with a mottled look to mimic the frame moulding.  The customer loved that idea!  A touch of gold was also included in the painted bevel to complement the gold threads of the military patch.  The military patch was hand-stitched in place, with the small stitches hidden between the gold threads.  Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and outstanding clarity.

My customer loved how it turned out and he let me know that his cousin loved it too.