I had the honour to create this multi-generation military memorabilia shadow box for a long distance customer.  I was contacted by a gentleman in Ontario who had seen examples of my military shadowboxes on my website.  He was interested in having both his great-grandfather and his grandfather's military memorabilia displayed and he quite liked my designs.

He initially had the idea to do two separate shadow boxes, but after back and forth discussions via email, it was decided that a single shadow box would be better suited.  The left-hand side would display his great-grandfather's memorabilia and the right-hand side would display his grandfather's memorabilia.  Each side would have an opening for a photo, a few military items, and a description of the ancestor, which was printed on grey parchment paper.

His great-grandfather was killed in 1917 during the Great War, and so the family received a Death Penny to commemorate his death. The red background mat colour and the green felt semi-circle displayed behind the 2nd Battalion cap badge were chosen to represent the 2nd Battalion, 1st Canadian Division shoulder patch.

The orange over royal blue background mat colours for his grandfather's side were chosen to represent the colours of the camp flag of the Midland Regiment.  His grandfather's medal rack, dog tag, and Midland Regiment cap badge were displayed.

Photo restoration and re-sizing were required for both photographs.  I did the photo restoration for the grandfather's portrait, but outsourced the more complicated restoration for the great-grandfather's family portrait to Atlantic Photo Supply, who did an amazing job as usual!  Both photos were changed to a similar black and white tone.

A neutral colour, black suede from Peterboro Matboards' Designer Suede collection was chosen for the top mat. A classic black frame with a beaded detail from Larson-Juhl Custom Frames' Tribeca line was chosen to give an older look, which suited the age of the contents.  Tru Vue's conservation clear glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection.

Working on a framing project for a long distant customer does come with challenges... finalizing design and material details via e-mail, mounting items extra securely to withstand being shipped half-way across the country, packing and shipping the frame, etc.  In the end, the shadow box arrived safe and sound and my customer was extremely pleased.