My customer’s grandfather passed away last winter and he wanted to have a shadow box made to display a replica set of his grandfather’s military medals, an engraved brass nameplate, as well as a few photos of his grandfather. 

Because my customer wanted to be able to carry the shadow box with him to Remembrance Day ceremonies, there were certain considerations that had to be kept in mind for the design.  My customer wanted the shadow box to be as small as possible; it had to be able to withstand being exposed to the outdoor elements; and he’d like to be able to either stand it upright on a flat surface or hang it on a wall for display purposes.

A landscape style design was chosen as it would be easier to carry a wide, short frame rather than a narrow, tall frame.  The original photos were scanned and some minor photo restoration was done before reducing the sizes of the photos.  The photo reprints were drymounted to gatorboard and laminated so that there would be less chance that they would be adversely affected by temperature fluctuations.  To help prevent moisture from entering the frame package, a piece of 6mm fluted polypropylene was used as the final backing board inside the frame and the frame package was sealed from the front of the glass around to the back of the polypropylene sheet.  A moulding from Larson-Juhl’s Soho collection was chosen for the frame.  It is fairly deep, has a flat side and the wood/finish is fairly hard, so it should hold up well to being carried around.

Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and outstanding clarity and Peterboro Matboard’s Designer black suede was chosen for the mat.    The replica medal rack was purchased from Martel’s Medal Mounting, who did a fantastic job with the court mounting.

My customer loved the way the shadow box turned out and I was honoured to work on such a special framing project.