This is the last of 3 military shadow boxes (size 32”x40”) that I had the honour of making for this particular customer.  He served in all three branches of the military... Army, Navy, and Air Force and this final shadow box showcased his time spent in the Air Force.

As per his other shadow boxes, he brought over a number of items and we sorted through them, choosing which ones he wanted to display.  We came up with a tentative design while he was here and then I fine-tuned it over the next few days.  Once I was satisfied with the design, I e-mailed him a photo of a mockup for his approval.

My customer had memorabilia from his time with the RCAF 416 Squadron and RCAF 409 Squadron.  He flew the CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft.  Besides a number of photos, he included some cap badges, coins, pins, name tags, crests, miniature medals, etc. He also included a few items that although didn’t relate directly to his own experience in the air force, they were related to the history of flight... the Silver Dart, the Avro Arrow, and the Hawk One Centennial Heritage Flight.

A black moulding, with navy blue tones, from Larson-Juhl’s Hudson II collection was chosen for the frame.  The mat was a blue suede from Peterboro’s Designer Suede collection, and Tru Vue’s conservation clear glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection.