There is a story of serendipity behind this military shadow box.  My brother-in-law and a friend of his were meeting over coffee when they were approached by an acquaintance of his friend. During the ensuing conversation, the acquaintance, Robyn, mentioned that she was looking to get a picture of her grandfather and his military medal rack framed as a gift for him. Robyn's grandfather had served with the Cape Breton Highlanders, an infantry regiment located in northern Nova Scotia, and had gone to Europe during the Second World War as a medical corps corporal.  My brother-in-law was quick to recommend Robyn contact me (full disclosure: he gets brownies for every referral).  Furthermore, my brother-in-law's friend recommended that another mutual friend, John, who had recently commanded the Cape Breton Highlanders, be contacted to see if he might have any regimental items to include in the shadow box as well.  John very generously donated a regimental cap badge, collar 'dogs' (insignia) and a challenge coin.

The shadow box was designed so that the medal rack would be easily accessible through a trap door at the back of the frame so that Robyn’s grandfather could still wear his medals.  Two Larson-Juhl mouldings were combined to create the frame for the shadow box... a mahogany profile from their Brighton collection was used as the face frame and a black profile from their Confetti II collection was used as the extension box.  A Navy suede mat from Peterboro Matboard’s Designer Suede collection was chosen to complement the blue stripes in the medals’ ribbons.  Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and amazing clarity.

What began as a casual conversation during a chance meeting, morphed into a beautiful tribute to a grandfather’s military service. Robyn and her grandfather were very pleased with how the shadow box turned out and Robyn was hoping that this frame might encourage her grandfather to open up and talk about his wartime experiences.

View of the back of the frame where the medals can be removed...