My customer, a worldwide traveler, brought in 72 pieces of paper currency to frame. Of the 72 pieces, 54 of them were selected to be included in the shadow box (there were some duplications). As the currency was of varying sizes and colors, it was a challenge to design a layout that was interesting, not enormous – although it did end up being 30 x 38.5 inches – and didn’t look messy.

Each piece of currency was encapsulated with Invisi-mount (a non-glare archival quality polypropylene product from Attach-EZ Inc.) to a piece of matboard cut slightly smaller than the size of the currency. By encapsulating the currency, no adhesive would come in direct contact with the actual paper bill. The currency was then floated on the mounting board at various heights using spacers of matboard and foamcore to give it a 3D effect. Some overlapping of the currency was necessary to keep the size of the frame within a manageable dimension. The customer chose Tru Vue Museum Glass for the glazing. He and his wife were extremely happy with the end result and told me they’ve received many compliments.