Here is an example of a frame design makeover.  It is amazing how reframing artwork can make an old piece look new and fresh again.

This customer brought in a painting that looked old and tired in its existing frame. The frame was a typical walnut stained moulding with a one inch beige linen liner which had seen better days.

Here is the painting before the makeover:

Although the frame looked okay with the painting, it didn't do much to enhance the autum feel of the painting. By choosing a moulding and complimentary fillet with rust and gold tones and a rust coloured fabric mat, the look of the frame changed from a cool autumn day to a warm one. The new moulding also had two narrow teal coloured accent lines which blended in perfectly with the green/blue colours of the trees. The new fabric mat is 3" wide, so it enlarged the size of the frame and makes a bigger impact on the wall.

Here is the painting after the makeover: