As a gift for his grandfather, my customer wanted to frame the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal that was awarded to his grandfather back in 2002 as a civilian. He wanted to keep the frame small enough so that it could be displayed comfortably on a mantle. As well, he wanted to be able to easily open and close the shadow box, should an occasion arise in which his grandfather would like to wear his medal.

Two decorative brass hinges were installed on the left hand side of the shadow box so that the frame could be opened like a book. Inside, two 1/4" rare earth magnets and matching steel screws were installed to keep the frame closed.

I had the medal court mounted by Lee's Medal Mounting and asked for a single 'clasp type' pin rather than two 'push type' pins. The medal could then be displayed in the shadow box by having the pin clasp hung over a couple of hooks. The hooks were recessed into the black suede mount board so that the medal would lay flush.

Tru Vue's Museum glass was installed in the face frame. Strips of black suede mat & 8ply matboard were glued together to line the sides of the frame and hold the glass in place. The back of the face frame was painted black in order to make a nice finished look when you opened the shadow box.