This recipient must have been extra good in 2016 as he received not one, but two, sport themed shadow boxes for Christmas!  An autographed Sidney Crosby jersey was framed in one shadow box and a golf cap and autographed golf ball were framed in the other shadow box.

Both shadow boxes were designed similarly... a classic black shadow box moulding from Larson-Juhl’s Confetti line was chosen for the frame. A double mat combination was used... a neutral black top mat (from Peterboro Matboard’s conservation line) and a narrow reveal of different colours (from Nielsen-Bainbridge’s Artcare line) which complimented the jersey in one shadow box and the golf cap in the other.  Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and outstanding clarity.

The shadow boxes were a huge hit and are already hung up on the wall.  My customer said her present was seeing how happy and excited her son was with these shadow boxes.