I recently completed a family heirloom shadow box for a dear friend of mine.   Her father had a career working with heavy equipment and she wanted to create a shadow box that showcased this part of his life.  She had a number of photos, along with various items related to his work... a couple of tools with his initials etched on the surface, a starter key, a carpenter’s pencil, a brass “Caterpillar equipment” medallion on a leather strap which he always wore on his belt and, finally, a small log book where he recorded the hours that he worked. We chose to display the log book opened in the middle to show a sample of the long work weeks he had... often well over 100 hours/week!

All the items were mounted in an archival manner... straps of clear polyester film (Melinex #516) for the tools, pencil and starter key, a spider mount from the clear polyester film for the “Caterpillar” medallion and the leather straps were sewn in place.  The log book was encapsulated in the clear polyester film and attached to the mount board with wide straps hidden behind the open pages.

A couple of the photos had some restoration done on them, but for the most part, the original photos were used at the request of my friend (note: all photos were scanned prior to including them in the shadow box so reprints could be made in the future if so desired).  She preferred an informal look for displaying the photos, so they were floated at different heights with some overlapping each other.

A charcoal coloured scooped profile from Roma Moulding’s Spada line and a fine speckled grey Bainbridge Artcare mat were chosen for an ‘aged appearance’.  Tru Vue’s Museum glass was chosen for its clarity and 99% UV protection.

It was an honour to work on this project for my friend and I was so pleased that she entrusted me to frame these items that held such special meaning to her. She was absolutely delighted with the result!