This crewel embroidery was stitched by my customer's aunt.  It had been previously framed but was badly water stained and stuck to a self-adhesive mounting board.  My customer rescued this piece of crewl embroidery and through many hours of painstaking work, she managed to remove it from the self-adhesive board and remove the water stains to the point where they were only faintly noticeable. 

To further minimize the appearance of the water stains, the crewel embroidery was pinned to a substrate consisting of a mid-tone brown mat and a layer of foamcore.  The remaining water stains would have been more visible if a lighter (white) colour substrate had been used. Strips of unbleached muslin had to be stitched to the edges of the fabric prior to stretching in order to provide enough material for the stretching process.  There is a spacer between the two layers of mats in order to provide enough depth so that the thickness of the yarn doesn't touch the glass. Tru Vue's conservation clear glass was chosen to protect the embroidery and help slow down fading.

The customer was thrilled to see how lovely her aunt's embroidery looked once it was reframed and given the special treatment that it so deserved.