My niece got married in the fall of 2016 and I framed her wedding invitation as a bridal shower gift for her.  Her wedding had a nautical theme, so I designed the shadow box around that theme; keeping the majority of the materials white, so that the invitation would be the focal point.  I incorporated a rope design (hand-stitched in place), complete with two Celtic rope heart knots and the bride and groom's initials.  Youtube is a great resource for learning how to tie Celtic heart knots!  As an extra 'surprise' design feature, I added red anchors along the sides of the build-up for the depth of the shadow box and, along the top and bottom, I had printed information about the special day.  On my niece's 'save the date card', she had the phrase "tying the knot", so I incorporated that into the design.  These features are only visible if you look at the frame side-on.  A small anchor charm (from Zozo Beads) was a nice addition to help keep the rope tassel in place.  I made the mini frame for the invitation from a black rope fillet (from Fotiou Frames) which I had painted white.

When I saw Roma Moulding's 2016 summer collection, I knew the matte white profile from their Country collection was the perfect choice for the frame.  Tru Vue's museum glass, with its anti reflective coating and 99% UV protection, finished off the design.

Thanks go out to the folks at Cyrus Custom Framing & Art Gallery, whose recent wedding invitation shadow box gave me inspiration for my niece's frame!

My niece loved her gift!