A new customer brought in a winter scene cross-stitch to be re-framed.  This was the first cross-stitch she had done years ago and, at that time, had it framed in a narrow wood moulding without any mats.  She now wanted to give it an updated look and include a mat this time.

Upon removal from the old frame, we saw that there wasn’t a lot of extra aida cloth and so some of the stitched areas near the outer edges had been hidden when the cross-stitch was previously stretched. Unfortunately, some of those areas were now discoloured due to their immediate contact with the bare wood of the frame rabbet.   There was one side that hadn’t discoloured as much. After sewing on extra strips of material around the perimeter of the cross-stitch to aid the re-stretching, I was able to show more of the stitched area; cropping out only the portion that was discoloured.

A dark green mat was chosen to complement the different greens of the trees and a two-tone walnut coloured wood frame complemented the various browns in the cross-stitch.  Tru-Vue’s museum glass was chosen for its 99% UV protection and its amazing clarity.